Nervous System Bootcamp: Attune, Rest, Connect, July 14th 10AM-12.30PM.

Do you self-sabotage?

Feel the constant hum of stress from the moment you wake to the moment you sleep (That’s assuming you can sleep…)

Is your inability to focus affecting both your personal and professional life?

Do you feel completely disconnected from your intuition?

Your dysregulated nervous system may be the culprit.

Life is hard when our nervous system is dysregulated. We can experience

– Constant stress

– Negative thoughts

– An inability to focus

– Low mood

– Low energy

– Poor sleep

– Muscle tension

– Digestive problems

– And an overwhelming sense of being on edge and unable to relax.

Is it any wonder, then, that life feels out of control? To consciously move towards the future we want and deserve, we need a calm, regulated nervous system.

Nervous system coaching is something I usually only do with my private clients. However, I’m offering this new workshop for people who want to learn how to regulate their nervous system, slow down their brainwaves and feel calm and relaxed.

On July 14th, during this 2.5hr Nervous System Bootcamp, I’ll teach you all the practical tools to regulate your nervous system, including:

– Somatic exercises

– Restorative yoga with breathwork

– An inner connection focused yoga nidra (yogic sleep)

Plus, you’ll receive a recording of the yoga nidra after the event.

You’ll leave feeling:

– Calmer and more relaxed

– More confident you can handle stress

– More in control of your anxiety

– More compassion for yourself and why you struggle.

Early-bird offer extended! Book before June 24th and secure your spot for $117, saving $30. 3 spots remaining.

When: Sunday July 14th 10AM-12:30PM

Where: Carry Om Yoga, Wynnum

Investment: $117 early-bird price until June 24th (Event limit 9 pax; tix must be purchased in advance)


About Natalie:

Natalie is a trauma-informed attachment coach, energy practitioner and yoga/meditation studio owner. Transform your relationships through a greater understanding of how attachment theory influences the way you seek connection. Workshops, courses and 121s available. To schedule a free discovery call email [email protected].

“Natalie… brings an amazing personality to each session, which is a mixture of experience, insight, empathy and an incredible sense of humour! What I particularly love about my yoga practice with her is that it’s never the same and always exactly what I need on that day and I don’t have to explain as she’s constantly looking for cues and adjusts on the spot. How great is that? Thanks Nat! Looking forward to our next session.”

Polina, Private Yoga Client.