Trauma Sensitive Yoga Nidra, November 12th 5:45-6:30PM.

Yoga nidra, aka ‘yogic sleep’, is typically practiced lying down (although you’re welcome to remain seated). Yoga nidra uses guided mindfulness techniques to put participants into a deep state of rest. It differs from meditation in that it requires less focus and is generally more permissive and accessible.

Yoga nidra is often recommended for trauma and PTSD relief, and has even been used by the armed forces to help veterans heal psychological wounding. Potential benefits of yoga nidra include:

· Regulating brain waves – dysregulated brain waves are common following a traumatic event. Yoga nidra can encourage participants to move from gamma (heightened awareness) and beta (problem solving) into alpha (relaxed reflection), theta (meditative, creative) and even delta (deep sleep) brain waves.

· Building capacity to stay present – people who’ve experienced trauma may struggle with flashbacks and persistent negative thoughts. Yoga nidra can, slowly and gently, help participants build safety in the present.

· Reducing reactivity – practicing yoga nidra can help trauma survivors reduce the strength of painful, repetitive thoughts and feelings, and the resultant reactivity.

· Empowering trauma survivors’ own healing – you can practice yoga nidra anywhere that feels safe. For some, that may be in a group setting. Others may prefer private sessions or even practicing at home. No special equipment is required.

Contraindications for yoga nidra: while research has shown that yoga nidra can provide relief in conditions such as trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia, it may not be appropriate if you are susceptible to hallucinations, if you find holding a posture for an extended period triggering, or if you feel unsafe for any reason. If in doubt, consult a medical professional.

When: Sunday November 12th 5:45-6:30PM

Where: Carry Om Yoga. Suite 203, 96-100 Florence Street, Wynnum, 4178

Investment: $18 (Event limit 8 pax; tix must be purchased in advance)

About Natalie:

Natalie is a trauma-informed attachment coach, energy practitioner and yoga/meditation studio owner. Transform your relationships through a greater understanding of how attachment theory influences the way you seek connection. Workshops, courses and 121s available. To schedule a free discovery call email [email protected].


“Natalie… brings an amazing personality to each session, which is a mixture of experience, insight, empathy and an incredible sense of humour! What I particularly love about my yoga practice with her is that it’s never the same and always exactly what I need on that day and I don’t have to explain as she’s constantly looking for cues and adjusts on the spot. How great is that? Thanks Nat! Looking forward to our next session.”

Polina, Private Yoga Client.