Do you struggle in relationships?

Do you become a version of yourself you don’t recognise?

Do you abandon your own needs to avoid conflict and maintain connection?

Attachment Coaching with Nat

Understanding how your attachment style influences the way you seek connection can help to create safety and security in your relationships.

When you address your insecure attachment patterns to become more secure you’ll:

– learn to approach relationships from a place of connection, not protection

– learn to recognise and express your own emotions and needs

– become less triggered

– learn to show up more authentically in relationships

Schedule your free 30-minute discovery call today if you:

– feel unsafe in relationships

– struggle with boundaries

– have little/no awareness of your relationship needs

– struggle with conflict

– have relationship anxiety

What to expect from attachment coaching

After 18 weeks 121 coaching you’ll:

– become acquired securely attached

– gain tools to regulate your nervous system

– recondition core wounds at play when you become triggered

– understand your unique personality needs and develop strategies to meet those needs yourself or communicate those needs for others

– learn to set healthy boundaries

– understand the unmet need or unset boundary at play when you experience a negative emotional charge.

Book your free discovery session today.