Class Styles

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga uses held, largely floor-based postures to energise your body’s myofascial connective tissues – fascia, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bones and joints – to increase flexibility, boost organ health, heal the body and quiet the mind.

While passive in postures – relaxing muscles & allowing gravity to do its thing – the journey inwards can challenge yogis as much as active styles of yoga (sometimes more so) as they sit with whatever comes up.

Yin is the perfect antidote to our ‘achieve, achieve, achieve’ culture. Using blocks, bolsters, blankets & straps as needed, it’s accessible to every age, size & experience level.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, works with the energetic body to induce a state of deep rest. Although you’re awake, a profound stillness & calm takes over the body, & awareness turns inwards.

In yoga, nidra is part of pratyahara – sense withdrawal. In psychology, the state we reach through yoga nidra is called hypnogogic, between sleep & wakefulness. Yoga nidra gives the conscious mind permission to relax, to stand down, so that deeper layers of consciousness can help you return to your true nature.

The Science-y Bit

Yoga nidra influences brainwaves, enabling individuals to effortlessly transition from the waking beta state of conscious thought & logical thinking, to the alpha (between waking and dreaming; hypnagogic), theta (dreaming; sub-conscious), & delta (deep sleep; unconscious) states, all while the practitioner is awake & aware.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga for mamas-to-be from the second trimester onwards, suitable for both beginner & experienced yoginis.

Pregnancy yoga is about much more than ‘breathing into your elbows’ (as one new mama friend described her experience). You’re equipping yourself with the tools to strengthen your body, connect with baby & breath, raise energy levels when you’re flagging & quiet the mind when it goes rogue.

Whether you take part in a prenatal yoga class, course, or workshop, Carry Om Yoga’s Natalie aims to empower you throughout your pregnancy & as you prepare for labour.

Class themes may include: strengthening the pelvic floor & preparing for labour; boosting energy & reducing fatigue; breathwork for labour & beyond; yoga for common pregnancy issues; & restorative yoga & yoga nidra.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga combines breath with movement in a flowing, rhythmic practice that benefits yogis mentally, physically, emotionally & energetically. Vinyasa yoga is typically a slower pace than power yoga, but no less powerful.

Give yourself permission to get present on your mat, to tune into your body, maintain healthy alignment, & transition between postures with self-compassion.

Off the mat, explore how this heightened awareness weaves its magic into other areas of your life. Yoga’s a cheeky minx like that.

Warm & Hot Vinyasa Yoga

At the heart of any yoga practice is breath. Use yours to navigate the mental & physical challenges that arise in hot vinyasa yoga, & before long it will work its magic on other corners of your life. Gain energy, release anxiety, boost focus, & reduce aches & pains – all while improving muscle tone.

Don’t be fooled by the name: warm/hot vinyasa yoga is for everyone, regardless of fitness, flexibility, age, & experience. No two classes follow the same sequence, while each session is an opportunity to move with compassion for the body you’ve been given, learning to accept its quirks, & play with wherever your edge is on any given day, in any given posture.

The pace of modern life can often leave us feeling pickled in cortisol. Let warm/hot vinyasa yoga help you to carve out a sense of peace & greater purpose.

Hot Yoga (26 Postures)

Whatever your age, fitness or experience, the 26 asana (postures) that make up the Hot Yoga sequence will work their magic on every curve, corner, and cell in your body.

With the studio heated up to 38°C, just some of the (sweaty) benefits of Hot Yoga include increased energy, lower blood pressure, improved digestion, and reduced stress.

The heated room helps to warm muscles quickly, enabling you to safely deepen your practice. New to Hot Yoga? If you feel dizzy or, well, hot, simply come to kneeling or lying, connect with your breath, and re-join the other sweaty yogis only when you’re ready.

Qigong Yoga

Qigong is the ancient art of Chinese yoga. A gentle yet powerful practice which restores the mind and body through flowing meditative movements.

Qigong opens the body’s meridian system allowing restoration and tranquility.  It is also known as meditation in movement.

Qigong promotes fluidity in the joints aiding in alleviating stress, stiffness and chronic pain.  This form of yoga allows the body to heal itself as well as connect with your true self.

Restorative Yoga & Chakra Check-In

Supported by props, restorative yoga typically includes just a few asana (postures) and allows you to completely relax and reset.

In this small class (4 max) we combine restorative yoga with individual chakra ‘check-ins’.

Offering both hand-on and hands-off energetic work, Natalie will scan your chakras (energy centres) to see how they are flowing, and – with your energetic body’s permission – work on any blocks, imbalances, or energetic cording that isn’t serving you.

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“Natalie… brings an amazing personality to each session, which is a mixture of experience, insight, empathy and an incredible sense of humour! What I particularly love about my yoga practice with her is that it’s never the same and always exactly what I need on that day and I don’t have to explain as she’s constantly looking for cues and adjusts on the spot. How great is that? Thanks Nat! Looking forward to our next session.”

Polina, Private Yoga Client.