Biodynamic energy healing pulls from biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

In the biodynamic energy approach, practitioner and patient work together to tap into the body’s healing intelligence. The practitioner scans your energetic field to discover blockages, cords and tears, then works with you to activate self-healing.

As we’re exposed to stress and trauma, our ability to manage distress, discomfort and disease can be compromised. Biodynamic energetics restores health and balance in the physical and energetic bodies, and may even delve into ancestral and past life conditioning.

Biodynamic energetic healing empowers you to better understand and heal your own body, become more grounded, set healthier boundaries, and release old stories.

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Biodynamic Energy Healing - 1HR
one session $100
  • Packages also available
Biodynamic Energy Healing - 90MINS
one session $130
  • Packages also available