Chronic stress and trauma can overwhelm our coping abilities and lead to physical, emotional and mental stress.

Energy Healing with Nat

– reduces stress and anxiety

– calms the nervous system

– reduces pain and tension

– facilitates deep relaxation and mental calm

It is especially helpful for empaths, people who are highly sensitive, have attachment wounds or have a dysregulated nervous system.

Energy healing awakens the body’s self-healing capacity so that you become stronger, calmer and more balanced.

Energy healing works by scanning the body’s energy field and removing energy blocks, cords and imbalances so you can navigate life better.

Energy healing also helps those with attachment wounds and challenging family dynamics to:

– set healthy boundaries

– identify unmet needs

– resolve negative emotional patterns

– resolve trauma

– keep your energy clear so you are less affected by other people’s energy.

What to expect

Energy healing is gentle, non-invasive and can be done with our without touch. You remain fully clothed and are lying down.

Nat will tune into your energy field to clear any blocks, imbalances and cords.

How many session do I need?

While you will feel a difference after one session, if you have trauma or have been experiencing chronic stress, a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended.

What are the benefits of energy healing?

– calms the nervous system

– activates the body’s self healing

– clears physical, mental and emotional stress

– resolves unhelpful behaviours

– supports you to make positive changes in your life

– gain clarity and closure on your past trauma.

What kind of problems does energy healing help with?

– physical pain and tension

– stress, anxiety, worry

– emotional pain

– feeling stuck and blocked

– feeling overwhelmed and disconnected

– empathic overload

– healing trauma

– healing attachment wounds

– helping people to feel safe in their body.

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Biodynamic Energy Healing - 1HR
one session $96
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Biodynamic Energy Healing - 5 HR Bundle
five sessions $480