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Everyday Grounding

October 31, 2016

Lovely Humans! Come this Saturday Miss Cyndy & I are combining our energetic chops to bring you an afternoon of energy-led practices to help you ground. Between 4-6PM July 30th you can marinate in qigong, meditation, energy healing and sound healing, including the gorgeous gong.

If ‘grounding’ sounds a little woolly and woo to you, how does ‘self-regulating’ hit you in the feels? Same-same.

Whether energy-led or otherwise, grounding techniques help create space and safety around dysregulating sensations that can lead to anxiety, stress, depression, dissociation, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Learn more about practical grounding below. And, to book your place at this Saturday’s Energetic Grounding: Creating Safety in Your Body, 4-6PM, $45, visit our Events page.


Outside of the yoga bubble, grounding techniques can include using your senses to help you navigate distress, practical mental exercises to bring yourself back to the present, and cultivating positive feelings to move through overwhelm.

Discovering the right grounding techniques for your unique make-up is like a love letter to your nervous system.

Let’s Get Physical

– Reach out and touch something. Notice texture, weight, temperature and get specific about colours.

– Breathe. Said every yoga teacher ever. If your brain needs extra homework to quiet down, count your inhale to four and your exhale to six.

– 5-4-3-2-1. Notice: five things you hear; four things you see; three things you can touch; two things you can smell; and one thing you can taste.

Mind Games

– Make a list. No, not a to-do list. Mentally create lists of random categories. For up to two minutes make mental lists of different cheeses, your favourite flowers, whatever!

– Do the math. Run through your times tables, count backwards from 100, do simple sums in your head.

– Describe your surroundings. ‘I’m sitting on a blue chair, there’s a yellow chair over there. The blue chair feels a little cold and smooth to touch. The air smells like eucalyptus. I hear water running and people laughing.’

Feel the Feels

– Practice compassionate self-talk. Whether out loud or in your head. ‘You’re having a tough time of things but you can navigate this pain like the Brene Brown of Wynnum-Manly.’

– Visualise something you love. Your bestie, your best pooch (assuming they’re different), your favourite donut.

– Plan something nurturing. You can enlist a loved one or roll solo. Plan an activity right down to the minutiae. What you’ll wear, when you’ll go, how you’ll get there.