Yin yoga uses held, largely floor-based postures to energise your body’s myofascial connective tissues – fascia, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bones and joints – to increase flexibility, boost organ health, heal the body and quiet the mind.

While passive in postures – relaxing muscles & allowing gravity to do its thing – the journey inwards can challenge yogis as much as active styles of yoga (sometimes more so) as they sit with whatever comes up.

Yin is the perfect antidote to our ‘achieve, achieve, achieve’ culture. Using blocks, bolsters, blankets & straps as needed, it’s accessible to every age, size & experience level.

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“I was surprised with how quickly I relaxed and forgot the worries on my mind. My body instantly relaxed, which might have been because I was very tired. Your voice and words definitely helped rather than hinder the transition from chaotic daily life to relaxation.”


“I was very wound up leading into the nidra. However, with you talking me through the settling in process I was able to relax and focus. My mind kept wanting to run away on a thought. The repetition used when moving the focus through the body parts was very helpful in assisting me to let go of my daily stresses and to relax into the session.”

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