Modern-day life’s ‘achieve at all costs’ ethos can send women’s stress levels through the roof, creating imbalances that affect sleep, hormones, fertility, menstruation, & menopause.
By working with the neuro-endocrine system, well woman yoga taps into the body’s ability to heal itself.

Well woman yoga focuses on therapeutic movement, breath work, mudras, mantras, and yoga nidra to treat past & present physical & emotional ailments. It works in conjunction with medical care.

Central to well woman yoga is the female reproductive cycle, however, it also incorporates body image & general wellness. Featuring supportive props such as cushions, blocks, bolsters & chairs, well woman classes & private yoga sessions are tailored to all levels of fitness & mobility, plus emotional & body awareness.

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“Can’t recommend her classes highly enough!”

Maggie, Mum & Baby Yoga, Wimbledon.