Yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, works with the energetic body to induce a state of deep rest. Although you’re awake, a profound stillness & calm takes over the body, & awareness turns inwards.

In yoga, nidra is part of pratyahara – sense withdrawal. In psychology, the state we reach through yoga nidra is called hypnogogic, between sleep & wakefulness. Yoga nidra gives the conscious mind permission to relax, to stand down, so that deeper layers of consciousness can help you return to your true nature.

Carry Om Yoga’s Natalie typically incorporates yoga nidra into pregnancy yoga & mum & baby yoga classes, as well as workshops – paired with yin or restorative yoga – & private sessions. Yoga nidra is often used to improve sleep, reduce stress, release negative emotions & thought patterns, enhance focus, strengthen the immune system, harness creativity, & more.

Bespoke yoga nidra is available upon request – either delivered in person throughout the Brisbane area or via recording worldwide. Contact Carry Om Yoga to learn more.

New to nidra? Listen to the free Carry Om Yoga ‘Golden Bowl’ nidra (over there on the right if you’re on a PC; down below on mobile) to begin your yogic sleep journey today.

The Science-y Bit

Yoga nidra influences brainwaves, enabling individuals to effortlessly transition from the waking beta state of conscious thought & logical thinking, to the alpha (between waking and dreaming; hypnagogic), theta (dreaming; sub-conscious), & delta (deep sleep; unconscious) states, all while the practitioner is awake & aware.

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“I was surprised with how quickly I relaxed & forgot the worries on my mind. My body instantly relaxed, which might have been because I was very tired. Your voice & words definitely helped rather than hinder the transition from chaotic daily life to relaxation.”


“I was very wound up leading into the nidra. However, with you talking me through the settling in process I was able to relax & focus. My mind kept wanting to run away on a thought. The repetition used when moving the focus through the body parts was very helpful in assisting me to let go of my daily stresses & to relax into the session.”

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