My name is Natalie. I teach Vinyasa yoga, hot/warm Vinyasa yoga, pregnancy yoga, mum & baby yoga, yoga nidra, yin yoga, & well woman yoga in Brisbane’s bayside Manly – group classes to folks of all ages, mobility & experience, plus private & corporate sessions.
I’ve practiced yoga for over a decade – like many people, on & off in the early years. When I found myself living in Bali, having started my own business (more on that later), I began to hit the mat regularly in a bid to unclench body & mind. Yoga-ing in the sunshine with 270-degree views of the rice paddies wasn’t a hard sell, & during a Vinyasa class at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, I remember wanting to feel like this – the very best version of myself – always.
I considered doing my teacher training, but in addition to the usual naysaying voices – ‘I’m not bendy/strong/fit/self-actualised enough’ – I was regularly working 80 hours a week (yup, even in paradise) juggling freelance writing with my new fairly-traded leather goods business. I worried that leather goods were the antithesis of ahimsa (non-harming) & that the other yogis would kick sand in my face. I pushed the idea to the very back of the highest shelf & disappeared down the rabbit hole of delicious start-up highs & crashing lows.
Fast-forward four years, I decided to call time on my business. I’d had some amazing experiences – tearing through Bali on a scooter with handbags on my handlebars high-fiving toothless grannies; working with small, family-run businesses; creating products people loved – but I also found myself £40k in debt with pay-day loaners saying ‘Thanks but no thanks’. (That’s when you know your credit rating’s seriously down the pooper.) Throughout that period, when I didn’t give myself permission to see friends, date, sleep properly or eat well, my yoga mat was the one place I showed myself kindness.
Not long after, I did a foundation course with Hot Power Yoga (now LLiV). Without really meaning to, on the last day I found myself signing up to the studio’s 200-hr yoga teacher training. Having well & truly drunk the Kool-Aid, I also undertook my pre/postnatal yoga teacher training with YogaLondon, my yoga nidra training with Uma Dinsmore Tulli’s Total Yoga Nidra, & my Baby Yoga & Well Woman Yoga training with Birthlight.
What I’d initially convinced myself would be an occasional teaching gig scheduled around a ‘proper’ job became my full-time passion. Diving headfirst into sharing yoga, I was both terrified that here I was, yet again, taking a risk on the work front while also giddy with the joyfulness of helping people show themselves kindness on the mat.
I love teaching yoga to people from all walks of life, but have a particular affinity for working with women navigating body image issues, hormonal challenges, or life-changing experiences like pregnancy and motherhood. Yoga, in all its forms, reminds us that we are so much more than the circumference of our thighs & the jut of our collarbones, that we are now & have always been ‘enough’, & that we’re powerful, primal mammals.
Do you get intimidated walking into a yoga studio? Me too. Worried your balance isn’t good enough? I’ve fallen over while standing on both feet (sober, swears). Not convinced you have the physical fitness to last an entire class? I’ve fainted mid-class only to have the teacher announce to the room that I was ‘leaking energy out of my anus’. Who knew?
My point is, if you’re breathing, yoga is for you. And that your practice doesn’t have to be perfect to be glorious. Now get your arse on the mat already.

“Natalie… brings an amazing personality to each session, which is a mixture of experience, insight, empathy and an incredible sense of humour! What I particularly love about my yoga practice with her is that it’s never the same and always exactly what I need on that day and I don’t have to explain as she’s constantly looking for cues and adjusts on the spot. How great is that? Thanks Nat! Looking forward to our next session.”
Polina, Private 1-2-1 Client.